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Dynamicaly Grow an Array of Disks? Is this even possible?

Here is my real life situation at home:
I have:
2x) 300GB PATA disks
1x) 500GB SATA
1x) 13GB ubuntu system drive

My interest is to make one large space out of the 500 and 300 GB disks - I understand I can do this with LVM.
I also know I can make a hardware JBOD.
That is the extent of my RAID "knowledge"

Here is my question:
Is there a storage technology that will allow me to have multiple disks connected into one large disk - and then GROW later as I add more disks  - WITHOUT- having to reformat the entire array?

For example: I set up my 1.1TB JBOD with my disks now, and fill it up. Then I go but a nice 750GB hard drive -  - obviously i cannot backup my 1.1TB of data anywhere - so can I somehow add the 750GB right in without upsetting my existing data?

All of my limited research points to no - i would have to reformat the entire array and start over anytime I added a disk.

Isnt there some kind of adaptive RAID?
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Hmm - you can expand RAID arrays using Smart Array controllers from HP, so it's possible, though I'm not sure if the technology exists for a desktop unit...assuming that's what you're using?  What type of controller?
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Why you need one large disk?
You can easy mount new disk as subdirectory.
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i have a rackmount case with a board and proc from newegg - but they arent server class - i am not opposed to upgrading my hardware if thats what needs to happen to achieve this goal.

that is what I am currently doing, however my media files are so large and numerous that this solution was only temporary at best when i started it and now is causing the problem of a "directory" being full - the OS for this environment is linux

The goal is to make a file server that can easily accommodate an ever growing amount of storage space while keeping exiting files in place and ideally providing some redundancy - hence my asking about RAID solutions
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