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Need a formula for "NextFullMonth" for a birthday report.

CRV10 - I have a birthday report that when the users runs it, the data returned needs to be a listing of employees with a birthday during the following or next full month. For example, If the user runs the birthday report any day in January, the result will be all birthdays in February.  
Here is the select criteria I use for previous month:  {PAEMPLOYEE.BIRTHDATE} in LastFullMonth
I can't find anything for NextFullMonth.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  Thanks!
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Mike McCracken

Something like
{PAEMPLOYEE.BIRTHDATE} in Date(Year(CurrentDate), Month(currentDate) + 1, 1) to DateDiff("M", 2, (Date(Year(CurrentDate), Month(CurrentDate), 1) - 1)

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Thanks, I just tried it and it said a date is required here and hilighted the 2.  It also asked for another paren.
try it this way:

{PAEMPLOYEE.BIRTHDATE} in (DateAdd("m",1,minimum(MonthToDate)) to_ (DateAdd("m",2,minimum(MonthToDate))
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Thank you!  I tried that but it brought back zero records.  I also had to add 2 more paren at the end.  I do not have any other criteria set, so it runs wide open.  Any other suggestions?
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Thanks, worked great.