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I have a program I am making that will mirror local document files to a backup server. It also maps a network drive to backup the files too. When it does this, I would like to set the attributes of the _Backup folder to hidden. I did SetAttr("X:\_Backup", FileAttribute.Hidden) and when i right click on the _Backup folder and go to properties it tells me that the Hidden attribute is grayed out. Any suggestions to this would be very helpful. Thanks
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A little confused, if you are mapping to the drive, that would be to make it visible - why would you then make it hidden?  If you explain what you are tryign to achieve in the end I'd be better able to help.

As for mirroring, You may want to look at a product called 2nd Copy which does a fantastic job of mirroring, with full flexibility on what gets mirrored to where, and when/how often.

It is free for 30 days, and $30 after that (though it keeps working - you just can't edit the mirror jobs).

With 2nd Copy available, I don't think theres much reason to write your own mirror script..  I recommend it to all my clients.
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