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Mergers, Exchange and a bit of a time issue.

I'm hoping this is the right area.  We're merging with a smaller firm (about 1/2 our size).  We have the budget to install a fully functioning exchange server on the remote site (this site would be our DR site).  

They currently are running Exchange 2000 and we're going to upgrade them to Exchange 2003 Enterprise.  

The Exchange 2000 server has litterally no space.  There are two 17 GB partitions (C: and D:).  logs and os are on C: drive and D: drive has exchange store.  C: drive has 4 GB free, D: has 760 MB(!!!) free.  The server is an older compaq SCSI server (circa 2000) running windows 2000.

The exchange server only has exchange on it.  

The server we're upgrading them to has plenty of space and they will have limits soon, so that's not the problem.  

So the question is:

How would you do this transfer?  I do need to move all of their existing emails, calendar files etc to the new server?  Options?

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You're right.  I was stupid.  For the very short interm, I'll had a raided external drive to the server and move the stores there.  that will give me the space to do exmerge and not have to rush the new server install.