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Need two SBS2003 in a small network.

I read somewhere that SBS 2003 does not allow two servers on the same net.
My client wants a small network (6 clients) with a server. But one of the requirements is that there always has to be a server running to provide Active Directory Services to the network. This network will not connect to the Internet yet, maybe in the future.  This customer wants two SBS2003 PCs, each with 2 RAID5 HDs to insure that there is absolutely no server downtime, both for Activa Directory Services (network permission granting services), and for files and backups. This is really important for him, it is a high tech laboratory and this capability is a must. Can two SBS 2003  be connected in such a way that the second server can take over if the first server goes down for any reason? It must take over the Active Directory Services? If so what would be the best combination?
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And for this to be useful, you would need a SAN or similar storage solution. Anything else would mean that the storage was the weak link.

And how would email etc be handled ? There is no fail-over with SBS, it's all on the one box.