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Setting up 3rd network on ASA5510 with 4 interfaces.


I have an ASA5510 device with 3 interfaces dmz inside outside

dmz and inside have different subnets (10.1.1.x and 10.1.2.x)

dmz hosts have static translations to public ip addresses.
inside hosts get translated to the outside interface of the ASA to access the internet

I'd like to set up another network on the remaining eth0/3 interface (10.1.3.x)
however, all hosts coming from this network need to be translated to a different outside ip address.
How can I do this?

currently my config is like this:

global (outside) 10 interface
global (dmz) 10 interface
nat (inside) 0 access-list inside_nat0_outbound <-- this is a nat exemption rule for traffic to a site to site vpn.
nat (inside) 10

my eth0/3 network will be named game
please tell me what to do to have the whole game subnet translated to outside public ip (example)
I also need to deny access to the inside and dmz subnets.

I set up my game network as follows:

interface Ethernet0/3
 description game
 nameif game
 security-level 10
 ip address

inside's security level is 100 and dmz's security level is 20.

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