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Forwarding email from Groupwise 6.X to Exchange 2003 at the SMTP level

OK. I'm a Windows Exchange administrator and have little experience in Novell, but the company who acquired us runs Groupwise. Here is the scenario.

We run Windows 2003 SP1 with Exchange 2003 oSP2 over it.

They want us to send and receive email from their domain name, My idea was to use their servers as front-end to ours, meaning any mail going to forwards to

I set up an SMTP alias on our Exchange server for and set it as primary for our email accounts so that anything we send will look like it is coming from their email domain name. That isn't a problem because Exchange is pretty resilient that way.

From the Groupwise side, the only thing I have seen is to set up a forward rule in the actual Groupwise account. This isn't optimal because everything we receive is an attachment.

This is the question: They are running Groupwise 6.X. Is there any way to forward at the SMTP level on the Groupwise server so that it never touches the real mail account and we don't have to set up rules to accomplish this task? In other words, we want email to hit their mail server and forward to ours automatically. Is that possible?

I have always worked in Windows. I don't have anything against Groupwise or Novell, and would welcome learning a new mail platform. I hear there are really excellent features in GW as far as calendaring functions and such. However, I also don't like making complicated changes that require integrating the two mail platforms unless there is an easy way to do it.

Any suggestions or help are appreciated.

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I guess the question is why does it need to hit their server if the end result is to get it to yours.  I am assuming they would access mail through your server either via Outlook or OWA.  If that is the case you should just change the mx records for their domain to point to your server and set your recipiant policy to accept mail for their domain, create their accounts etc.  Now of course you would then need to import their current mail, this way you don't need to maintain two different mail servers.  Not sure if this is what you are looking for.  I am not a Novell person myself either.
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Thanks for the reply, Matthew.

In answer to your querry, it's because we cannot get a DNS A record for their domain name, They own it and have 2000 employees gettig mail through it. The options are to convert to Groupwise, or get their GW server to forward to our Exchange server addresses without getting forwarded through a GW client-side email rule. Simple as that. Make sense? Maybe not...Like I said, I'm not a Novell expert.

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I am here with them trying to get this to work. We already have Novell IDs on their system, we just need a way to reroute the incoming messages on their server for those IDs out to our exchange email addresses,, without setting up forward rules in the individual accounts. I read the article you attached but it deals with creating a new domain on their GroupWise server and that's not really what we need.
I dunno for sure, but it seems to me like you DO need a new domain for this.

As far as I know, there's no server-based way to specify that emails be relayed differently at the user level, but I believe you can do this at the domain level, as discussed in this previous thread.

I believe you 'd create a separate domain for the exchange users, and have  that domain forward to your exchange server. I've never done this myself, but this seems like the right approach to me. Perhaps PsiCop will chime in.

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Well, first, unlike the Exchange/LookOut! environment, there is no such thing as a "client-side rule" in the *native* GroupWise environment. All Rule processing is handled on the server-side. The obvious advantage here is that the user is not tied to a specific machine or even platform. Whether you access the GroupWise environment via the native client, via a standards-based mechanism like IMAP, via the web interface, or with something like a plug-in-enabled LookOut! client, your rules are in effect.

Of course, the *last* thing Redmond wants you to have is platform-independence.

Naturally, if you choose an access method using a client with its own rule capability (say, PINE over IMAP), then you can still do client-side rules.

Next, there's no such thing as "Novell IDs". There is a *company* named "Novell". It makes a number of products, including "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server", "ZENworks", "Open Enterprise Server", "GroupWise" and "NetWare". You didn't say "Micro$oft 2003", did you?

Also, in the modern Novell product environment, IDs are not stored in the OS. They're stored in eDirectory, the multi-platform Directory Service. As a Windoze person, this is perhaps a difficult concept to grasp, as AD only runs on Windoze, whereas eDirectory runs on 2 flavors of Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, OS/390, Netware...and Windoze.

Anyway, the Asker hasn't specified the exact version of GroupWise (v6.0 or v6.5? Support Pack level?) or the version of NetWare or OES, so I'm not sure what tools are available.

One method to approach this would be to get the Exchange Connector for GroupWise and set up interoperation between GroupWise and Exchange. GroupWise would then route incoming E-Mail appropriately.

Another approach would be to front-end your E-Mail infrastructure with a mail router - perhaps a Linux (or *NIX) server running sendmail, where you could use LDAP or some other mechanism to route E-Mail appropriately.
Thanks, PSI. Yes, Windows 2003 SP1 with Exchange 2003 SP2 over it. Novell Groupwise is 6.5 I believe. The object here is to use the Groupwise server as front-end, sending mail to an Exchange server on a completely different network. We are now a division of a predominantly Novell company. We will eventually establish a static VPN link between the sites.

That being said, the outcome I hope to achieve is to send/receive email from the organization’s email domain name without having to load new mail clients and train remote sites/field personnel (construction workers with little technical savvy), on the use of VPN and Novell communications. If they do use computers at home or at remote sites, they only know Windows with Express or Outlook.

Exchange allows you to forward mail to an external address easily but as I am not a Novell admin, I didn’t know how this can be accomplished on Groupwise. The IT staff I now belong to are pretty sharp but sometimes the best (and most cost effective), solution is not to change over to a completely new email system.

How easy is the Exchange Connector set up and where can I find the best information for the Windows user/administrator?
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Thanks very much for your help, PsiCop. You have been most helpful. I also gave BillMercer some points for assist.