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Wi-Fi Backhaul


We are running into intermittent packet lose and connection drop on a backhaul connection between two buildings connected with wi-fi antennas and APs in bridge mode.  First let me break down the equipment:

Model - CP Technologies Levelone Freecon indoor/outdoor wireless antenna with 8.5 dBi Gain – WAN - 2085

Installation - on the outside of each building with clear line of sight to each other

Model - Linksys WAP54G v3.0

Installation - Using cable provided with antennas, so no longer the 3 ft. of cable between the antenna and access point.  The AP is mounted inside the buildings.  It is not a cat-5e (wire) issue as we have tested the runs from the APs back to the MDFs thoroughly.

The two building are roughly 100 yards apart.  The antennas do have clear line of sight.  The few points that come to mind are that the buildings are covered on the sides with metal siding that has the perforated edges.  By perforated edges I mean the  sheet metal ridges in and out.  We have even switched the APs to B mode thinking that maybe the metal was causing some odd reflections of signal and that would help.  Though I keep thinking it does have something to do with the metal on the sides, I am at my wits end of how to diagnose further and come to a resolution.  Thanks for any guidance that can be offered.
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