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Trying to flash my bios...

OKay I have the P5VD1-X Asus motherboard.  And a 631 3.0ghz processor 65nm.

I was very careful to make sure that this processor would be compatible with this motherboard, and it was.  However when I try to boot up I get a CPUID error msg.  I can get into bios and I look at my settings, when I try to load windows though it gets to the load screen and then reboots and I get the same CPUID error msg.

I went to the asus website to look for a bios update, and they had a recent one that said it fixes cpu id issues and supports more processors...HOWEVER, i'm trying to install the new bios and I can't figure it out.

I insert the floppy but it never gets me a chance to get to a command prompt, i'm so frustrated right now.

theres afudus.exe and some .rom file on the disk.

Any help would be great!! thanks
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I get to a point where it checks for the floppy but instead of booting from it, it tells me to restart and hit another key...

How can I get to a freaking command prompt ::(

This time I managed to get into windows safe mode with a command prompt but i'm not sure if I want to flash my bios from inside windows.
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for whatever reason it let me into windows ....  it was giving me new errors every time arghhh!!  
New error everytime! sound likes cmos battery is faulty. Get a new one see if it helps.

Could you please list error messages?
Thanks for the responses, I was really frustrated and quick to make this question so I apologize I wasn't able to give you enough infomation....

For now my computer is running, yes it gives me that error everytime I reboot but I hit F1 and I load into windows just fine.  I'll give you the points for the fast reply.