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CISCO 877 Router - IP on Lan different IP on Wireless, DHCP on Wireless not LAN

Hi All

I have a Cisco 877 Wireless Router, i also have access to a subnet providing 5 IP addresses (i dont have it yet but will be provided with it soon).

I was wondering what is involved in setting one of the 5 IP's to interface FE0 (one of the LAN ports), and a different one to the wireless interface, i would also like the wireless to provide DHCP to clients... however i want DHCP turned off on interface FE0, so basically i want a DMZ, where people can freely connect to the wireless router (with WPA key ofcourse), they can then VPN through the other IP address to access the server (SBS 2K3) if needed.

I want to keep wireless and the LAN as completely seperate as possible for security reasons.

Is what i am proposing possible? i have some Cisco experience (am 1/2 way through CCNA) but am not really confident!

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