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noaccess.rat - How to edit and enable javascript in "noaccess.rat" ????

Hi Everyone,

How can i enabled javascript on my "noaccess.rat" Content Advisor?
I'm trying to access a website that require JAVAScript enabled.
Here are the errors I get when I have my Content Advisor Enabled with "noaccess.rat"
Note:  Errors below are separate errors when pressing different button within the webpage

Content Advisor - javascript:StepIt(document.qtplayer,-2);

Content Advisor - javascript:StopIt(document.qtplayer);

Content Advisor - javascript:PlayIt(document.qtplayer);

Here is my noaccess.rat:  

((PICS-version 1.0)
 (rating-system "")
 (rating-service "")
 (name "Noaccess")
 (description "This file will block all sites.")
  (transmit-as "m")
  (name "Yes")
   (name "Level 0:   No Setting")
   (description "No Setting")
   (value 0) )
   (name "Level 1:   No Setting")
   (description "No Setting")
   (value 1) ) ))

Thank you in Advance

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I am having the same issue, and the solution does not work.  The solution mentioned above anly tells how to enable the content advisor.  I am also using the noaccess.rat and am allowing access to only one site.  This site uses Java form verification, and each time a form is submitted, the content advisor pops up saying the page was blocked.  I tried to add *java* to accepted sites... didn't work.  I tried "Always allow access to this site" and entered password, but still pops up.

How can you allow Java on accepted sites?