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cisco' vpn disables my home printer when connected

site admin trying to keep off site users happy-  they use cisco's 4.0 vpn client to tunnel into network;
users issue-   has a home network & he's savey enough  to handel it..  but he printsd fine on his home network until  he connects to  the vpn..


os -wXP sp2
The printer is a Brother MFC-7820N and I have an Ethernet line from the printer to the router.  The printer has an IP address and is managed from my personal desktop.  I loaded the drivers on my laptop and added the printer to the printer list.  It all WORKS fine until I enable the Cisco VPN software.  It works fine again after I disable the VPN.  That would seem to indicate that the problem is in the VPN software and how it interacts??

any crumbe of knowledge would certainly help this old rat out..
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vpn 4.70  connects into HQ   vpn   "pix"  and  the connection  settings
look like the default  type..
Add to PIX config

vpngroup [your_group_name] split-tunnel [your_access_list_name_or_number]
The ACL you need to construct will look similar to the following:

access-list split_tunnel_acl permit ip any
vpngroup vpnusers split-tunnel split_tunnel_acl

The above ACL will only tunnel traffic from your client to the destination network  Anything else will get transported outside the tunnel.  Therefore, make sure your home network addressing doesn't overlap with the network you have at work.  Hope this helps...