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Internet printing ipp access denied

Im having some problems with Internet Printing via XP Pro.

Ive read up on how to get this working and all seems to work fine until i get to the point where i install the printer on a client PC over the internet and it gives me an 'access is denied' error message.

Heres what ive done:
installed a fresh copy of XP Pro.
given the PC a fixed IP on the internet, this is pingable from a direct broadband connection.
installed IIS via add/remove programs.
installed a printer.
give anon access via IIS to the web site folder, printers and the actual printer folder (TallyT21)

So after the above, i can see the printers if i browse the IP (please feel free to try! The PC isnt connected to our network, its on its own direct broadband connection) 

but when i try to 'connect' to install it, theres different things happen:
it may give you an 'acess is denied' error message within the IE window after install.
it appears to go through the install ok, but when you open your printers and open the installed printer Q it says its 'retrying to connect' in the top blue band of the window.
or it may ask you for a login box before you install it, if you choose anon it wont let you install but if you enter the admin login details of the PC it'll install fine and let you print to it.

So it seems a permissions issue and ive altered all the permissions i know of, IIS on the printer itself locally but i just cant seem to get anon access to this printer which is what im trying to do via the internet.

Has anyone got any suggestions? im going mad!

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Perhaps this is a silly question for you, but HOW are you connecting?  Are you actually pointing to, or are you adding it as \\\printername?

Also, if that's the actual IP address, you may want to note you're getting the following:

HTTP 403.9 - Access Forbidden: Too many users are connected
Internet Information Services

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Sorry, i am connecting the right way:

Too many users?!? There should be only me, no one else knows this exists? Although i do remember seeing this message before i posted here but again there was only my pc connected to it at the time?

Do you know how to get round this message? i just want users to be able to print to this location.
Well, unless I'm mistaken, that message is letting you know you've hit the 10 concurrent TCP connections allowed in XP.  Could possibly be that you need to turn down or disable your Keep-Alives, but....

Are you sure this computer isn't open to other outside queries?

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Ahh right ok.

Well this PC is connected to a router that has another PC conencted to it purely for the internet, i believe all the protocols are open on this router but i can close them down to see if i can limit the incoing traffic. I take it IPP only uses the HTTP/HTTPS protocol to print to?

Also where would i change the keep alive settings for this?

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I think ive found the problem it seems our proxy server that gives us the internet is stopping acess, if i try to access the printer via a standard broadband connection all works fine every time. Damn proxy server!

Thanks anyhow for your help.
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