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How do I create a scalable gradient background?

How do I create a gradient that travels vertically and horizontally. The real problem is I can create the gradient but how long should the jpg be? Is there an easy way to create a gradient background without have to deal with determining the length?

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Have a look at this:

I have never implemented something like this but in theory it is possible.
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Thank you Eternal_Student for replying!

The information you provided is great for I guess for JPGS.
I created a gradient (46x130). In order for the gradient to fill the background should I make the gradient (46x768) allowing it to repeat across the background?
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If you just want a background to repeat on your document you would do:

body{background:url(image/name.jpg) repeat-x top left}

or repeat-y depending if horizontally or vertically, you would then only need a 1px [height or width - depending] graphic that would repeat on your background.

Thanks gamebits!
Thanks for the points and the grade.