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VMWare workstation/Netware perfromance issue.

I am experiencing an issue with the interaction between VMWare workstation, Windows XP, and Novel’s NetWare client. Briefly while installing VMWare workstation 5.5.2 onto my computer near the end of the installation my computer just rebooted without any warning or prompt. The installation of VMWare workstation was not completed. I also at that time could not uninstall the application, was not part of Add/remove programs. Then when I tried to re-install the application it told me that it couldn’t continue the installation because it was already installed. The first time this happened I went ahead and re-imaged my computer. The second time that I tried this all that I did was use the system restore feature, not sure just a weak moment I guess. Well I was finally able to determine that the installation had an issue with my Novel Netware client. So I removed the client and installed VMWare workstation. All was fine, until I re-installed the netware client. After doing so I noticed that my cpu usage was just about pegged out. Then when I would try to log onto the network. I would bring everything to a halt, response time was so lagging that I ended up waiting many minutes just to reboot. Keep in mind that VMWare is not running, at least I have not started the application at this time.

Current pc information.
Dell D820
Windows XP SP2 fully patched.
NetWare: 4.92 Sp2 (
VMWare 5.2.3 Build 34685

If anyone has any ideas let me know. VMWare’s support was useless. Also, I have tried many things just have not put that in here.
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I have a very similar environment without any problems.  How are you installing the Novell client?  IP only?  NMAS components installed?
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I am just installing the IP only and i am not using any NMAS componets. only additional is NDPs pritning.
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I have the same setup and no issues.

I would uninstall both apps and run ccleaner. (free)

It also gives you the option of a selective startup and has a pretty good method of forcong uninstalls.

I would disable or remove anti-virus stuff as a trouble shooting step and then see what happens.
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well i didn't try the cleaner tool, but basically went in that direction. Not sure why i didn't tink of that before. i uninstalled the VMware yet again, since i already had to get ride of Novel. and then went through the regestry and removed any rregistry that was realated to VMware. cleared any lingering directories, like the temp folders. then rebooted my computer re-installed the netware client and then installed VMware yet again and it worked. the biggest thing that i saw was the it did not crash near the end of the installlation while configuring the network settings.

thanks for the help
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Well it appears that I was a little to presumptuous in regards to my resolution of this issue. Today my issue has returned. I can not log onto the network. Yesterday after I had gone through and removed all the applications and then re-installed. Well now the same problem is back. I can not log onto the network. It puts the cpu usage at 100%. And the only way that I can get rid of any issues is by rebooting the computer. The interesting part is that when I reboot and then try to login using Novel in the Vmware environment I have the same issue. It peg’s the guest OS at 100% utilization. So there has to be something conflicting with the novel client. Not sure what it would be though I see nothing in any log files.

Any clues would be helpful.
I added the NetWare zone to the list of zones for the question...  Hopefully you'll get more clues.

Zone Advisor, NetWare / Linux
Question - you say you have the Novell client 4.92 SP2 installed.  You (incorrectly) called it NetWare 4.92 SP2.

What version of NetWare are you connecting to?  What protocol(s) are you using?  How did you determine it was the Novell client that was blocking install of VMWare?
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Sorry you are correct i am using the novel client 4.92 sp2. that the network client that i have to use to connect to our network. i am only using the ip protocol.
I determined that it was the network client by elimination. plus it seemed like a good area to look since i couldn't log onto the network. First i removed Vmware then i rebooted and i was able to log into the network and my performance was normal. so then i removed the novel client and rebooted and the performance was normal again. so then i reinstalled the vmware and there was no issues with performance. so then i reinstalled the novel client and all seemed to be ok, that was until i rebooted the computer. with the novel client installed i can not log onto the network. also the cpu usage is maxed out on one side of the processor, dual core. it also appears that the winlogon.exe process is the area that is the main cause.

This is so puzzling that any help is greatly appreciated.
It sounds like maybe leftovers in the registry (nothing ever uninstalls cleanly...), or perhaps conflicts with the vmware NIC driver.

I'm sure some of our NetWare Experts have worked with VMWare...  hopefully one will chime in.

You say you've started out with a fresh image - did that fresh image have the Novell client installed already?  If not, did you start with that fresh image, put vmware on it, and then install the Novell client in a virtual Windows session?

It might have something todo with provider order, or the fact that the Novell client replaces the MS GINA with NWGINA.  Does VMWare by any chance also replace MSGINA?  (just brainstorming...)

Check the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon registry subhive.
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i am sure that it something simple somewhere that is causing my problem.

the fresh image was with and with out Novel being installed. I also think that like you it has something to do with teh NWGINA file, but not sure what or how to best go about fixing it. I also have no idea if VMware changes that also. the strange part is i know of several other people troughout the compan that have this installed along with the novel client and they are not having any issues.

Was there anything in particular that you are looking for in the regestry key?
Novell client - novel is something new and interesting, or a long work of fiction... ;)

In that registry key is where Windows login process would be set to use any alternate GINA dll file(s).  That's why I mentioned it.

One reason I asked about whether or not the clean image had the Novell client preinstalled is because there may have been orphaned registry entries if it was there already and you uninstalled it.  

You're also remembering to reboot between installs/ uninstalls, right?  Windows has to be rebooted for either to complete, when working that deep into base processes...

Are the other people in your company that have vmware installed along with the Novell client using the same hardware platform and software versions you are, or is there something different about yours (motherboard chipset, NIC chipset, NIC architecture (PCI, PCIx, PCIE, etc...) or vmware version, or whatever else you might think of?
It probably does have something to do with the  3rd party GINA causing a "race" condition in the winlogin.exe.

M$ has a hotfix that you might want to try.

Have you run the cclaneaner?
As I pointed out earlier in my post ,I am running Vmware WS (latest build) and Netware client(latest build) on a 2 Dells ,a Toshiba laptop and a custom AMD 2000 XP box

No issues..

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Here is what I have done today.

I uninstalled all suspect applications. VMware, Novel Client, and even Symantec anti-virus 9you never know). I then rebooted the computer. I then reinstalled the novel client, rebooted. then installed the VMware workstation. That application crashed nearing completion of the install. It happened while starting to configure the NATing. When the pc came back up I logged in locally and installed Microsoft’s install clean-up utility. It recognized that the installation of VMware had been suspended. So I selected that it remove it. I then rebooted.

I then uninstalled the novel client. Rebooted and then installed VMware workstation, rebooted. then installed the novel client. Rebooted and logged in locally. Checked the CPU usage and it was maxed out on one of the processors. I put in the registry fix described above. Rebooted and still no changes. So I then uninstalled Vmware and now everything is normal.

I am starting to get more grey hairs from this and not sure what is going on. There is obviously some type of memory leak or network conflict, what that is at this point I do not know.

Any one else have any other suggestions?

I have run the ccleaner tool. and it didn't find anything.

also, i know everyone seems to be able to instal and use this application but me.
pgm554, can you give rfrytrw the proper sequence to do things?  I think it's an issue of what order things are being done...

rfrytrw, pgm554 already has said you're probably seeing a "race" condition on winlogon.exe due to the 3rd-party GINA.  The links pgm554 gave you were for a hotfix, not just a registry hack.

You need to apply the hotfix files for the registry hack to have any effect.
I've got a Dell CoreDuo that I am setting up with XP,so let me load things up on it and see if it a CPU issue.
Give me a day or two as I've got some other thing going on right now.
It's an Optiplex 745,so will see.
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Not a problem. I need to walk away from this issue for a few days any way. i have some other items that need to be taken care of.

the interesting part that just came to me that i forgot to mention. in Vmware you can select the number of processors when setting up the guest machines. well i changed that from 2 to one and that is when i see one of the processors pegged out and the other bairly doing anyhting.

Let me know what you come across, probably nothing.
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well has anyone been able to come up with anything? or does anyone have any new ideas?

Just curious.
I think we're waiting for pgm554.

Did you apply the hotfix as well as the reg tweak?
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the hotfix did not work.

next this issue can be closed now. I was finally able to get a solution that worked. I ended up installing the novell 4.91 sp3 network client. this resolved the issue.
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