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Web Project Documentation help

I was hoping someone could help me out with typical documentation for a web application. I work in a fairly small (3 developers) and laid-back (large university) programming department. We work primarily with, and sql server 2000. So far, we haven't been very good (read: none) with project/application development documentation. As a matter of fact, I'm not even sure what kind of documentation a "normal" development dept. should have or what info should be in that documentation.
Does anyone have some templates they would be willing to share with me or point me to a good web resource?
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Ok there are five phases of system development life cycle. Don't confused with the word system because some other does use word software and software can be web application, so you have to follow through all phases. The five phases are:
1) Project Planning
2) Analysis
3) Design
4) Implementation
5) Support

All of these phases contain their won documentations. I'll suggest you to search these five phases and go through it. And my recommendation is  to read book called " System Analysis and Design in a changing world" this is a best  book to read. Here is the link to their web page, you can download Power Point slides of all chapters:

Furthermore following is the link containing useful information

Good Luck :)
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rizwankazi...thanks for the info.
I guess I needed to be more specific. I'm already familiar with the phases.
I'm working on a Project Definition Document and will need to create a Design Document soon...I was hoping that there were some templates somewhere I could use or some examples I could look at.
You might want to take a look at PMI (Project Management Institute),
This might be a little overkill for what your looking for but this is THE place to go for all of your project management resources as well as training and certification.  PMI certification is the big certification that companies look for out there when it comes to this field.  Their costs really arent that bad either.

I hope this heads you in the right direction.
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Thanks to everyone who offered insight regarding this issue, but the top link in rizwankazi's last comment was excatly what I was looking for. Thanks again!