HrProcessMailboxTable:Unable find mailbox timezone:Error 0x80004005.running MsExtmzcfg.exe program

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I was trying to run the Msextmzcfg.exe file on a machine to update the time zones on my exchange server.  i specified the server and the default outlook profile but I keep getting the error below??

HrReadConfiguration:Exporting Timezone Information.
HrReadConfiguration:Searching Calendar for Timezone Information.
HrReadConfiguration:Log Directory is not set.
HrProcessMailboxTable:Please log on to a profile with administrator privileges.

HrProcessMailboxTable:Unable find mailbox timezone:Error 0x80004005
HrProcessMailboxTable:Processing mailbox /O=LEXOS/OU=TOR/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=KSHONIKE.

I have checked the permissions and I am using an account that has full admin access to all mailboxes and also listed as a view only administrator  I don't know what else I need to add for this to work correctly

This is an exchange 2003 server and I am running the tool off a 2003 test box, also the admin user is an admin of the machine that the tool is being run from.
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I too was having this issue and found some great resources that will help you. If you try and call Microsoft on this and pay for a case there was 111 cases in front of mine when I tried calling yesterday! However Microsoft has a live chat dedicated for DST.
Here is the Microsoft main chat page:
Here are the archives that will most likely help.
Here is the question about 0x80004005:
When running Exchange rebasing tool, we are getting lots of 0x80004005 errors. What is causing this?
Q: when running Exchange rebasing tool, we are getting lots of 0x80004005 errors.  what is causing this?
A: This error can occur if the mailbox of the user does not contain any time zone information.  To workaround this problem, either modify the output.txt file (which contains the legacyExchangeDNs of the users) to add the time zone information in a Tab delimited file.  Another workaround is to send a meeting request created through OWA to all the users who do not contain the time zone information.  If this does not get the time zone info, then the users will have to login to OWA once and log off to get the time zone information.

•      You can get 0x80004005 if you’ve copied the wrong TZMOVE.exe into the directory. Make sure it’s 304kb, and not the downloaded self-extracting setup (8MB).
•      You can also get 0x80004005 if you’re using an account that has absolutely no permissions to the mailboxes and hasn’t been delegated any Exchange perms.
•      You can also get 0x80004005 if the INI file is pointing to the TZMOVE.EXE but the TZMOVER.DLL file is not present.
Additional detail: currently identified causes:
•      The tool was not able to find any time zone values in the mailbox of the specific users.  To resolve this, try adding ReadCalendarTimeZones=1 to the MsExTmz.ini file to force the tool to examine recurring calendar items for time zone information.  You can create a new input file by using the DNs from the error log you received from the last run.
•      Unable to process mailbox /O=CONTOSO/OU=FIRST ADMINISTRATIVE GROUP/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=TESTMB01 - 0x80004005:  Carefully review the legacyExchangeDN and make any corrections as necessary.  Using ADSIEdit to copy/paste the value can ensure accuracy.
•      You are referencing tzmove.exe from the wrong directory.  Either extract the downloaded install into the folder where MsExTmz resides or update the MsExTmz.ini to include a full path to where tzmove.exe is installed on the workstation you are using.  
NOTE:  When you download the Time Zone Data Update Tool for Microsoft Office Outlook, the tzmove.exe file is the installer for the actual tool.  Referencing the installer will result in errors when you run MsExTmz.
•      The account you are using to run MsExTmz does not have full mailbox permissions and has not been delegated the proper Exchange permissions.  To resolve this, run the "Grant Mailbox Permission" script from an Exchange Server computer.
One thing to note, the after you have installed the TZMove.exe (8mb) then extracts the CORRECT TZMOVE.Exe to use with the Exchange Calendar Update Tool to \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\Office Outlook Time Zone Data Update Tool. When Prompted while running MsExTmzCfg.exe, you'll need to point to this newly extracted 384KB TZMove.exe.
FYI, don't use a admin account to use this process becuase admin accounts are denied read and send as permissions, to be successful I followed suggestions and created an account specifically for this process. gave rights to the local admin on exchange and the workstation I was using. The last issue for me was the TZMOVE file as suggested by jbrophy11 and I was successful. good luck.

Has anyone tried running this now that the time has changed?
I was able to run the tool w/o this error until attempting to run it after the time change.  Now I get that error on all systems I attempt to patch.


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