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Need more efficient sql code to update a table from another table.

I have four tables as follows:

Locations (LocID int, LocationName nchar(20))
Products(ProductID int, ProductName nchar(20))
Inventory(LocID int, ProductID int, Quantity int) --> PK on locID and ProdID, with FK to previous 2 tables
InvUpdates(LocationName nchar(20), ProductName nchar(20), Quantity int)

I need an efficient way of transferring information from InvUpdates into the Inventory table with the following constraints:
a) if InvUpdates.LocationName doesn't exist in the Locations.LocationName, create a new Locations record
b) if InvUpdates.ProductName name doesn't exist in Products.ProductName ignore that invUpdates record
c) update Inventory records if they already exist with the given locID/ProdID combination, else insert a new Inventory record.

Procedurally I think I need to
a) get the LocID from Locations using the LocationName (and create a new record if necessary)
b) get the ProdID from Products using the ProductName
c) if I got a valid ProdID, check if there is already an Inventory record with the given LocID/ProdID combination.  If so, update it, else insert a new one.

I am so steeped in procedural programming that I don't know how to write a SP to do this without a cursor.  I assume there is a better way, but it's beyond me.  

Any ideas?
Microsoft SQL Server 2005

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Yeah--that's good.  I needed to make a few minor changes, but this basically gives me what I'm after.

Thank you.
Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is a suite of relational database management system (RDBMS) products providing multi-user database access functionality.Component services include integration (SSIS), reporting (SSRS), analysis (SSAS), data quality, master data, T-SQL and performance tuning. It includes support for managing XML data and allows a database server to be exposed over web services using Tabular Data Stream (TDS) packets encapsulated within SOAP (protocol) requests.

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