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Coldfusion Server - multiple computer use for one license

Does the latest version of Coldfusion Server for Windows allow for multiple computers to run the same coldfusion software such as was allowed with Coldfuion 5 or has this changed?

And if multiple copies of the same purchased software are installed on two different coputers, are we on our honor for the license or does the software check for multiple copies and disable one instance if found?

And what is the latest version? Is there another on the way soon?
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Good try, SidFishes and thanks, afaik, you're wrong. CF 5 does allow for installation of the same purchased cf5 software onto at  least two different computers, on the same network, without any problems or dispute. Years ago we contacted Allaire and asked if this was a problem and were told, in writing, that what we were doing was aloud. We still have a copy of their response and approval.  Contacting Adobe by phone or email and finding someone who would answer this same question was futile,  hence my question here.

> Not going to answer that...sounds pretty close to violating the EE member agreement

A bit bizarre. If you were not going to answer, you should not have replied.  Asking as I have, does not violate any rule or license. The only way to comply is to first ask so that one knows the answer. Allaire gave permission. Now we need to know for future versions. That’s why I asked, to get an answer, not a afaik rebuke.

Take a look at the Lounge posts. There are lots of posts there referencing pirating software. That is not what I am asking. If my question is wrong, then EE would have to remove hundreds, if not thousands of messages. My message is an honest question and for whatever reason, I am entitled to ask, as long as I do not break the rules, which I have not.

I need an answer to my questions, not a dodge, or rewording. But it needs to come from someone else, who will actually answer. Unless you will answer fully and correctly, I'll respecfully wait for someone else, or just let this sit.
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Microsoft Server OS

The Microsoft Server topic includes all of the legacy versions of the operating system, including the Windows NT 3.1, NT 3.5, NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 and Windows Home Server versions.

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