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Access 2000 - error 3046

Access 2000 (Office patched to service pack 3), running on Windows 2000 Pro workstations, main Access file running on Windows 2003 server.

My client has a central Access database .  Each user has an Access database on their own pc which has linked tables to the central one.  He recently installed a new server.  No changes were made the the Access database.  Now, when one user (Julie) runs a report and other users try to use the database, the Access program aborts with the error:
      3046:  Could not save; currently locked by another user.

Julie is able to run her reports but no one else can view any data or updated any data.  All databases have been compacted / repaired several times.  

I cannot find any info on error 3046 except the text "Could not save; currently locked by another user."  

Any ideas?
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Is Julie 'running' the main mdb or is she linked to it.  If the former, ....
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1) re"nd other users try to use the database, the Access program aborts with the error" ... do you mean
a) Julies copy of Access closes or b) another user trying to open their FE gets aborted out?

2). When Julie closes her FE ... what happens when another user opens their FE ... the same thing?

harfang: ... what option are you referring to?  There is no such option on the General tab. The only option close to that is on the Advanced tab ... 'Default Record Locking' ... and the default is 'Edited record'.


Sorry, my bad. It's the [Advanced] Tab indeed. In Access 2003, there is a new option below "Default Record Locking" (a option group with three options) called "Ouvrir avec enregistrements verrouillés", which is a checkbox. I translated, perhaps not accurately.

But now that I think it through, it should have no effect if the format of the FE is Access 2000 anyway, so this is probably a moot point. I did have a problem with that option (locking error I didn't get before), but I think that happened only when I converted the FE to the 2003 format.

Yes ... about what I said above.  No big deal. And 'Edited record' means (single) Record / Row locking.  And yes ... you would want 'Open database using record-level locking' Checked ... unless for some special, particular reason ... you wanted page locking!!!  However, I seriously doubt this has anything to do with the problem. In 14 years of working with Access, I have never seen Error 3046!  I'm guessing it's a manifestation of some other error and/or situation/condition.  We need more information.

Oh wait .... here is the solution from Microsoft:
"You tried to save information on a database page that is currently locked by another user. To save your changes, wait for the other user to finish, and then try the operation again."

Gee ... why didn't we think of THAT ... 'wait for the user to finish being busy' !!!!  Just go have some coffee, maybe go out on a date ... then come back and TRY to save your info. Cool!!!!

You've got to be kidding !!! And yes I am!

LOL. I saw that page, actually. Quite accurate, but totally useless (which is typical for MS documentation).
Could this have anything to do with the sandbox storm?  Google - Access 2003 sandbox
Sandbox issue ... seems remote (?) ... since supposedly, the only thing that changed was a new 'server'.  Of course, that in itself implies that possibly some sort of folder permissions and/or other permissions may have been changed?

Man, that sandbox thing was a joke ... SO easy to circumvent ... even if not set to Low in Macro Security!  MS and security .... an oxymoron.

DonPick ... can you give us any more info?

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Thanks SO much for all your input.  Please give me about 5 to 7 days to respond.  I've got some problems have to solve.  Again, many thanks.  I will issue points soon.