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Want to make a group chat with AOL/MSN/YAHOO users.

"some companies are producing IM clients that act as a front end to the different networks. One such product is Trillian Pro, from Cerulean Studios, which allows you to connect to ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and IRC networks through a single interface. It should be noted that these clients do not offer interoperability between the various IM networks — just a unified interface through which to access them. If you are looking for true interoperability then hub software, which can actually route messages between networks, is required."

Which software can be used as hub software and enable group chat with AOL/MSN/YAHOO  users?

So all users can respond to eachother?
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If all the users have different clients, then, as far as I know, group chat is impossible. You could always have everyone switch over to one client, however. Or you could simply use an internet chat room.
i concurr, use an internet chat room with a java web based client.  IRC has some great stuff which is free that can do just that.

You might even be able to find a free internet chat service.

Also instead of installing an irc server, you could use an IRC java client, give the users a web page, set the client to enter a specific room, and lock the room down with a password.
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Found the software to do that, 
From the right column there: "For instance, if you want to hold a group IM session that includes your sister (a staunch user of MSN Messenger), your Dad (a Yahoo! Messenger devotée), and your Grandma (AOL-all-the-way for Grandma), you can now do using FWD.Communicator!"
Nifty!  soo much software out there.
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I think Trillian also does this... been around for ages -
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I wish it did, but it doesn't.
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