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web Based voting/poll systems, controling votes Per day?

I am hosting a site which runs a online contest were user s vote. the current voting system tracks voters by IP address, and only allows one vote per ip address in a 24 Hour period. I am concerned about IP spoofing software that allows people to vote more then once a day. Is there a way to gather MAC address and filter by that or another way controling votes with a 24 hr period?
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What if people used a paid for proxy server service that can change their WAN ip address as needed, or used a program like hidemyIP that can generate random IP's, I did a simple google search and found downloaded the free trial version. it was not perfect but I could at least two or three extra votes out of it. I guess we have to trust in the honor system, thanks for quick response. could there be a problem with My PHP code or Dbase?
It's true that one could connect to different proxy's and vote that way, but it's virtually impossible to stop.  One thing you could try to do is to set a cookie on their browser so that you know that they already voted, in addition to the IP tracking you already have.
So there is no way to gather MAC address from visiting computers?
No, there isn't; at least not any reliable cross-browser, cross-platform way to do it.  You could try to use ActiveXObject which is in IE, but the user would likely get one of those yellow bars at the top of their browser asking if they wanted to let the site access their computer.  Even if this method did work, it would only be in Internet Explorer.

If you really wanted to try something like this, there are details here:
Thanks some much for your time, I am going to award you the 250 points.

I just wanted to be sure I was doing all I could, I might do the cookie thing for added help in blocking mischevious people.

thanks agian