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Small Business Server 2003 Installation problem

I'm installing Windows SBS 2003, and I'm at the phase where I'm trying to connect an Outlook client to the Exchange server and I'm running into some problems.  First of all, I added the client computer and User.  The wizard then prompted me to access http:/myserver/ConnectComputer from my client, but when I did the web page came up "Not Authorized to Access this page" or something like that.  The client successfully logs on and can access a shared folder on the server, but Outlook won't connect.  Some more info here - I can do an nslookup from the client to verify the mailserver name.  I'm not sure how to troubleshoot from here.
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Olaf De Ceuster
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Can you please post Ipconfig/all from server and workstation?
Did you follow all the To Do List in server management console?
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"The client successfully logs on and can access a shared folder on the server"

Did you go ahead and join it to the domain manually or something?
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I solved my own problem.  The clients had been pointing to, but the new server is actually myserver.local.  I just had to make that change and now my client can access email.
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