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Folder Options> Control Panel >"Display the full path in the title bar" NEVER STICKS

Hello Experts:

HP PAVILION a320n; AMD ATHLON; HOME XP Sp 2; 2.08GHz;1 gig RAM
120 Gig HD; NVIDIA GrForce 4MX
MY ISSUE: How come, no matter how many times I set Folder Options in Control Panel to "Display the full path in the title bar" this setting NEVER STICKS? I always click the "Apply" button before exiting, yet, without fail, 10 minutes later that setting is set back to not display full paths? Makes me very grumpy.

Any help?

Vancouver, Canada
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Perhaps a corrupt profile?  Have you tried it with another user profile?  If you don't have one, copy your current profile to another and see if the problem goes away.;en-us;811151
How to Copy User Data to a New User Profile
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Are you sure it's not working for every folder?  If you open the "My Documents" folder from the Start menu, or from the Desktop, it won't display the full path in the title bar for some reason.  But you shouldn't have any problems seeing the full path in any other folder on your system.  Check your "My Pictures" folder, or some other folder on your computer to see if you can see the full path.
jbm4, any feedback?
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Hello LeeTutoR & Peter  77:

I may be slow, but I PROMISE I will _nver_ just desert a question and sneak away.  Please just count me as an exhausted old bag. I do TCB like I f___k: SLOW! I _will_ get back to you , though, I promise.

Peter 77: yes, all the many kinds of folders drop the setting as soon as I turn my back for a second!

LeeTutor: I know that you are one of the highest-rated amongst the Experts. I admire that. But I have to admit that swapping two identiies makes me feel very, very afraid. But I will  probably give your suggestion a go, gingerly. BTW: never having had multiple identities on my PC, I have never performed this procedure before. Is there a high risk of me wrecking my config by dointg this?

Again....I'm here. I'm just a slpw, tired old fart!

Tx again you guys, I'll report back to you when I'm not  out cold on a bottle of Schnapps.

Vancouver, Canada
>But I have to admit that swapping two identiies makes me feel very, very afraid.

There is no "swapping" involved, at least at first.  You just COPY your current profile to another and try the new one to see if the problem goes away.  If it does, then later, logged on as Administrator, you can get rid of the old profile that doesn't work properly.
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Hello Again, LeeTutor:
TX a lot for your patience.
As I said in my last comment, I have never performied this "copy profile" procedure, and I am totally in the dark about how to do it.
When I open Control Panel > User Accounts > I see myself JBMMTW, as "Computer Administsrator;" and I also see "Guest - account is off."  Are these the "Profiles" you are referring to? How would I do this "Copy profile" procedure?
I'm willihng to give it a go, but only on the safest terms possible. I don't want to muck up an otherwise dream PC - my HP Pavilion is just fantastic, except for small annoyances like this!

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Hi again everyone:

LeeTutor, Thanks, I did visit the site you suggested, and I did actually go through the procedure of creating a second Administrator user, and then copying permissions. I held my breath the whole time, cause it made me nervous. know what? NO DIFFERENCE! Certain permissions (ie: change properties of Task Bar) were still denied to me on BOTH administrator accounts.
Why can't Microsoft make things simple?
Lately, I tried out the new IE7 and just HATED IT. it was sluggish, and it crashed. My neighbour just bought a new PC loaded with Vista, and she HATES THE OS so much, she is going to return the machine! I have been un-installing every Microsoft anything from my machine, and replacing with open source applications : ie Opera, Thunderbird, and I am finding these FREE applications to be vastly superior to Microsoft products.
How on Earth did Bill Gates make all that money, with his shitty prodcucts, anyway?
What the Heck?
I have the feeling I may just be stuck permanenetly with this "permissions" problem.