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ASP.NET modifying precompiled website

Hi there,

I am dealing with a new client who requires changes to his ASP.NET website. However, I notice that the site is currently in a precompiled form.

To my knowledge it is not possible to edit the dynamic code for precompiled sites, i.e. the VB /C# code behind stuff. I just wanted to confirm that this is indeed the case, and I really do need the uncompiled source code?

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There are methods of getting the source, which I will not mention here, as it may infringe on EE policies.

Get the source code from the customer, it is the safest solution. is twitchy at best, you don't want more headaches from sources that you cannot track.
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I'm not after a way to reverse engineer the code.

I simply want to know if visual studio allows the editing of precompiled code (assuming it wasnt obfuscated) or if I need to ask the client to retrieve the original source code from the original developer.

This is pretty urgent since, if the original developer cannot be contacted, the precompiled codebase will need me to rewrite thre whole codebase and I will need to quote the client appropriately.
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Thanks Tanglin05

I guess I need to get the client to provide me the original source code. Assuming he can get in touch with the original developer :)
That will definitely make your life easier! Good luck!