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How do I print through my wireless home network?

I have a wireless home network set up that was put together by my Dad and husband so I am not sure exactly how it works.  What I do know is that I am able to access the internet through my laptop using a wirless G adapter card.

When I use my laptop for work at home, I occasionally run into things I need to print.  Is there a way I can access my HP Photosmart 1115 printer through this network?  What additional equipment would I need or is there some way I should be able to hook this printer up to the router, etc.?  Explain it like you would to a kindergardener because I really don't know how this works.

Thank you!!!!
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Is the printer connected to another computer?  If so, try connecting to it by (replacing the computer name with the actual computer name): Start->Run->\\ComputerName <Enter>

If it's not listed there, make sure you right-click on it, on the other computer, and choose sharing to share it out (default is everyone having full control, so the default should be fine for what you're after)...
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Oooooh, the printer IS connected to another computer.  But I can't see how I can connect to the computer through the wireless network....when I try to create a new network place on the laptop it doesn't see any other computers on the there something I should check there, what might I be doing wrong?
I'd need to know how your network is configured.
I can make guesses all day long, but then I'd simply end up filling up this thread with just that - guesses... :^ )

Start with the basics...
Presumably you're behind a router?  If so, what type/model?

Try this from both the wired and wireless devices:

Start->Run->CMD /K ipconfig /all <Enter>

this should leave open a window detailing what your IP address is.

Now, assuming that you have, on your wireless and the wired is, see if you can 'ping' the other (think 'submarine "ping"'). :^ )

Start->Run->CMD /K ping <Enter>

You should get either 4 replies or 4 request time outs...if reply, then simply try

Start->Run->\\ <Enter>
to see the 'shared resources' on that wired device - you should then also see the printer (if you shared it out per the instruction above), and double-clicking on it should install it...

If not - post more detail please.
Easy way is to get a wireless print server.
PUNKY, considering that I am using wireless G, can you recommend a wireless print server and/or tell me what things to watch out for when shopping for one of these?  Thank you!
I'm also behind a wireless G and use my wife's printer without a wireless printer server...but if you'd rather spend the extra $$ to get this working, then I wish you luck...
Sir Bounty, I located the IP addys and pinged them, got timeouts unfortunately.

We have a DLink Air Plus extreme G wireless router.  My Wired PC is connected to it through a cable.  My printer, a HP photosmart 1115 is connected directly to the wired PC.

Any other ideas?
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