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Web pages using ".do" as file extension. What does .do page mean?

Hi, I have a question about web pages using .do as the file extension.

Intuitively, I guess it is something we set in IIS and using handler for this type of files. Actually, is my thought true?

If yes, any reasons for hiding it? Any programming languages are actually/commonly used for the actual codings?

If no, what's .do really for?

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sounds to me like someone changed an extention to use a custom extention i.e .do

Basically what you can do is change the extention of .asp files to now use .whatyouwant
now when you run your asp script your file names would be filename.whatyouwant

people tend to use custom extenions because alot of search engines ignore file types like .asp
therfore if you rename your asp extention to .html or something the search engines think its a .html file and indexs it otherwise it wouldnt.

i hope you understand.
 Yes michtsoi, You are write,
For example some web sites use .exe also. Microsoft also use in some places like .mpx,.dll etc.

These are used to hide what web technology they are using.
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