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Enable scavenging in ADS


I have enabled scavenging on my domain.
1. Will i have any problems
2. What is scavenging do
3.What is the default time duration i have to enable.
4.Should i always keep it enabled
5.What are the no of entries that has to be in one scope of DNS.

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I have a question on this. Will scavening delete the NS records, and Name server host records? This is the only thing stopping me from activating it at this time.

Thank you

If the NS records are dynamically added. However, if they are you can expect the DC hosting the zone to update those records on a regular basis.

Would you like a little script to see if they are static or dynamic? You'll need to install PowerShell :)

For the record to be considered Stale the TimeStamp must be older than the total value of your Aging Intervals (14 days by default).

$ServerName = "anyDNSserver"
$ContainerName = ""
Get-WMIObject -Computer $ServerName `
  -Namespace "root\MicrosoftDNS" -Class "MicrosoftDNS_NSType" `
  -Filter "ContainerName='$ContainerName'" `
 | Select-Object OwnerName, NSHost, `
  @{n="TimeStamp";e={ `
    if ($_.TimeStamp -eq 0) { "Static" } else { ((Get-Date("01/01/1601")).AddHours($_.TimeStamp)).ToLocalTime() }}}

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