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List files newer than a certain date?

I would like to get a directory of files on my system (in specific folders) that are newer than a certain date.  IS this even possible without getting into scripting?
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George Lob
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If you open windows explorer, right click on the drive that contains all the files and folders and select search. In the search window, under "Search Options" check off "Date" and select your criteria.
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Sorry I guess I should have mentioned that I need this list for external purposes.  Using windows explorer won't let you save the results.   So I am looking for some command line solution that I can redirect to a text file.
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I think that a "dir /D >file.txt" will get you started.

That just lists all files.  There are litterally 10s of thousands.   I need to filter it out for filese newer than.

Steve good show!  Very inventive.  That did the trick!
Steve's suggestion is a great one, but it only 'lists' the files.
How did you 're-direct' the list?