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Exchange server 2003 tabs missing from user properties.

I installed 2003 server enterprise and made it a domain controller.  I put the latest service packs on and then I installed Exchange Server 2003 enterprise.  I followed all the instructions as far as having IIS, smtp, etc installed.  When the installation was finished I went to AD users and computers and the users don't have any of the exchange tabs in properties.  Did I miss something?  Please help.
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Rakeshmiglani is correct.  no mailbox, no tabs.  However, I just want to mention one thing as well.  If you are running AD users and computers from your local machine you will not see those tabs UNLESS you install the Exchange tool pack from the CD onto your machine.
Perhaps you need to mail enable everyone. One issue I see a lot is the creation of accounts before Exchange is installed. At bare minimum, do the preps before putting in users.
if you highlight each a/c in AD and right click for exchange tasks you can mail enable them all in the one and save alot of hassle