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Adding a Windows 2003 Server to an Existing Windows 2000 Server / Terminal Server network.

I will be adding a Windows 2003 server to an existing 2000 server / 2000 terminal server network. The new server will be replacing the 2000 server but the 2000 terminal server will be staying in service.  If I add the new 2003 server to the current domain will it replicate all of the users? If so, after adding the 2003 server to the domain will be automatically become the primary domain controller and be ready to go?  Would i need to demote the current primary domain controller first?  

Thanks for all of your help!

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how many servers have you in total?where is your DC now?
when you join the new server to the domain it will become a member server first
you can than premote it as a DC and than move FSMO roles over to the new server when that is done
than you remove the win 2000 server
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There are currently 2 servers in operation.  The Windows 2000 File Server and the Windows 2000 Terminal Server.  I will be replacing the file server with a new Windows 2003 standard server.  I was hoping to get the new 2003 on the network and get all of the users, shares, scripts, setup and ready.  

Based on your description it sounds like I should add the server to the domain, which would make it a member server.  Get everything setup as I wish, and then when I'm ready to have it take over promote it as the DC and move the FSMO roles.  Is it typically as simple as that?  Doesn't sound to bad so far!  

When ready, how to I promote the server and move the FSMO roles?  That is not something I have done before.

Thanks Again!
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