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Outlook 2003 Address book error: The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook.

One of our users (Windows XP Pro & Outlook 2003) came across an issue that when he attempts to access the address book he receives the following error message:

The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook.

All other functionality appears to be fine within Outlook.  Only accessing the address book seems to be at issue

Reading through the articles here, I initially tried to create a new Exchange profile, yet still received the same error message.  Then I started Outlook from the Run prompt using 'Outlook /safe' and I was successful in opening up the address book.

So I am now wondering what I can do for a permanent fix so we do not have to run Outlook in safe mode.  

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Does the problem follow the user to another machine?

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There were a number of add-ins that were checked.  I started with removed the first one (F-Prot) and it appears the system is functioning correctly now.  Thank you.
I had the same issue on my desktop with that error and disabling the add in's did not resolve the issue.  I noticed while googling that it can sometimes be a corrupted folder or file so I removed my account from outlook, re-created it, and everything works fine.  Hope that helps anyone in the future.
the messaging interface has returned an unknown error in MS outlook 2003 while creating new message or replying current message.
It happens due to the current outlook 2003 profile becomes corrupts and you need to create the new profile which will resolve the issue. I did face the similar issue and it was resolved by creating new outlook profile. Good Luck for you. Regards,