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I cant use any ftp client because of restrictions from ISA Server

i failed to upload any file to my host using either ftp client or without programs, with the same accounts i did this normally from other computer! .. the difference that my computer is a an isa server client, and looks like restrictions on ftp! so, i'm trying to find another way i can transfer files to the host.. do u have solutions? the the error message appeared to me during transfer operation  is : cant make connection socket.
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Keith Alabaster
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Keith Alabaster
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Open the ISA gui.
right-click the outbound rule that allows ftp and select configure ftp.
Untick the read-only box.
Apply the policy.
Job done :)
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im using isa 2000 standard, and ftp port 21 already added in the protocol definition part! ..
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can't i find another way to upload files in spite this restriction!?
ISA2000? OK then. Be aware that ISA2000 left mainstream support in mid 2006.

Are you the administrator of the ISA server?
If you are then follow this
If you are not, ask your administrator to make the change for you.

If you are not authorised by the administrator  to upload ftp files then it is against our policy to deliberately try and get around an organisations security rules.
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It's also possible that you can't upload because port 21 is the only port allowed, but port 20 or passive FTP ports aren't allowed.

FTP is a funny protocol in that it requires two connections, not one.  If you can't reconfigure the firewall and you need to transfer a file, you may want to consider something like SCP instead.
ISA uses a dynamic filter that automatically deals with the control and the data channel together. Port 21 is the only port required but good thought.

Speedbit. Can you confirm you are the administrator of the ISA server please?
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sorry to be late ..
yes i am
i got ISA server 2000 standard edition sp2
the configration already exists:
Server Name > Policy Elements > Protocol Defintions > 
R1 : from 21 to 21 outbound TCP
R2 : from 21 to 21 inbound TCP
R3 : from 20 to 20 inbound TCP
R4 : from 20 to 21 outbound TCP
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Keith Alabaster
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Thanks :)

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