How to export and import Cisco ASA 5510's configuration?

I have a Cisco 5510 firewall and I am having trouble to find a way to export and import the configurations I made.
I know ASA can save the configuration to a tftp server by using the command: copy flash  tftp
But how can I import the configuration?
Thanks for the help.
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You can use the following command syntax to do what you want:

copy tftp://server[/path]/filename {startup-config | running-config}

This is from the ASA command line configuration guide.  Just use "startup-config" or "running-config" for the last option depending on where you want to put the configuration you're getting from the TFTP server.

Hope this helps...
VartanaAuthor Commented:
I tried the command but it did not work. I think I did something wrong.
copy tftp:// running-config
My tftp server Ip is The file that I saved the configuration is test with no file extensions.
Please help.
If you look at the TFTP server when you try to pull over the file, do you see any status or error messages?  Are you sure you have the right path in you "tftp://" part of the command?
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VartanaAuthor Commented:
I typed the command copy tftp running-config    first
Then I typed the tftp server's IP, source file name which is test, destination filename which I typed running-config.
I got a response
command Ignored, configuration in progress.
I see that tftp server sends file to ASA but nothing has changed in ASA.
Thank you so much for the help.
What version 7.x code are you running?  Did you enter a "show run" command to see if there were changes?
VartanaAuthor Commented:
I am running version 7.0(6).
I made one change. I first save the config to tftp server. Then I delete one user account in ASA. Afterwards I imported the backup file from tftp server to ASA and I expect to see the deleted user account to come back. But that never happened.
Try this:

copy tftp: running-config

and then specify the information it prompts for.  Doing it this way will MERGE the file you specify from the TFTP server into the current running configuration on the firewall, so it will get messy in that it will display some error messages about matching entries, duplicate elements and multiple peers, depending on what you have in your configuration.

What you might want to do is this command instead:

copy tftp: startup-config

This is a lot cleaner, but you will have to reboot your ASA for the changes to take effect.  If you are looking to define a process for you to import a complete configuration file from an external source and you want the configuration to completely overlay the existing configuration, then this is the way to do it.  If you want to merge your current running configuration with the file you get from the TFTP server, then do it with the "running-config" as the last parameter.

Give it a shot...

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great instruction adn tahnks for putting the explanation in context. Thank you!
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