Clipboard problems + WinXP

I have a WinXP machine that I have noticed the Clipboard stops working on - When I copy something and then Paste it, nothing pastes.  

I've noticed that the ClipBook service fails - but isn't this only for sharing information from remote computers?  Upon trying to re-start the ClipBook service I get an error saying that the service could not be started:

"error 1068: the dependency service or group failed to start"

Any ideas why the ClipBook service stops on its own?  I've also tried the clpsrv.exe command which renders no results.  

Any ideas?
JWeb AdminAsked:
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go to Start > Run

type services.msc and hit Enter.

It will pull up a list of services available on your PC.  Right click on ClipBook and click Properties.  It will open a new window, click the tab that says Dependecies.  It should say Network DDE.

Back in your main Services window go to Network DDE and make sure that it is enabled.  Once this service is enabled it should allow ClipBook to function.

That said, on my machines both ClipBook and Network DDE are disabled, and I still have no issues with Copy/Paste commands.  You're just trying to copy and paste files/folders on a local machine correct?

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I dug this up from the web, try this and see if it helps.
JWeb AdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks i'll give those a shot
let me know if that link's fix worked for you.
Both services are now changed to Automatic from disabled but neither will start due to the error 1068. Is there a specific order for the start process or something else I should look at and try?
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