Creating Image Map doesnt work for me (Adobe Illustrator)

Posted on 2007-03-17
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I have a world map in as a AI file format.
I have one layer which was grouped, and I have ungrouped them so that I could select individual countries.
This is all still on one layer called 'layer 1'

I have gone through to attributes, selected the country, polygon and put in a url with http:// at the start of www.
so everything is fine there
and when i go to save i select both image and html.
but when i launch it no image maps are there
and to double check that, i load up the html file in notepad and there are no coordinates there.

Whats going on?

Question by:Alpha_AI
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Accepted Solution

David Brugge earned 500 total points
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It's been ages since I used AI to build an image map, so I opened up the program and made a simple map. The first time that I tried it I got exactly the same results that you got. The image was exported to an image file, and an HTML table was generated showing the image, but there were no coordinates in the header.

Then I reopened the file in AI to check the attributes. Even though I had ungrouped the image (just as you did) and called myself selecting an individual object and assigned a URL, when I rechecked, the image was still grouped and the URL was assigned to the entire group.

This time I carefully ungrouped the objects, selected a single object and assigned a URL. I then selected other objects to confirm that there was no URL assigned to them and then reselected the original object. This time, the URL showed up very nicely in the attribute box.

This time, when I saved for Web and then checked the HTML, the coordinates were there and the map worked.

My only guess is that you were on the right track, but Illustrator got confused at some point and ignored your selecting of a single object. Try it again and click and unclick on the object to make sure that your settings took.

Hopefully that is all that is needed.

Best of luck,

David B.

Author Comment

ID: 18753499
Hmm i tried that, it didnt work.

What does this mean?

To avoid unexpected results, do not create image map hotspots in slices that contain URL links--either the image map links or the slice links may be ignored in some browser

HOw do i know whether my problem falls into this category?

I opened the ai file but i dont know what i am looking for.

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Expert Comment

by:David Brugge
ID: 18754066
> To avoid unexpected results, do not create image map hotspots in slices that contain URL links--either the image map links or the slice links may be ignored in some browser

I doubt very much that this is your problem.

Most people use either an image map or divide the image into slices on an HTML page. This is just saying that if YOU DO use slices that link to a URL AND you have an image map that links to a URL, then DON'T put the image map on the slice that already links to a URL, the browser will get confused.

Without being able to look over your shoulder I can't see anything wrong that you're doing. Even if I could look over your shoulder, I doubt that I would see anything wrong.

It this were my project, I would go back to basics and proceed one step at a time.
I would open a blank document and draw a simple object, create a bit map and test it.
If that worked, I would take a single object from your globe map and paste it on a new document and again generate a image map. If it doesn't work, the problem is with the object.

Sometimes objects can get their attributes corrupted. This can sometimes happen when objects are converted to compound paths, their attributes changed, then released again. It can also happen when complex objects are grouped and ungroupped or any number of ways.
Sometimes things can be fixed by copying them from one document and pasting them into another other times they are a lost cause.
I have nothing solid to go on, but it is my hunch that there might be a corrupted object in there somewhere that is throwing things off.
If you can isolate the problem, you will at least know that its the image causing the problem and not something that YOU are doing wrong.

David B.

Expert Comment

by:Jasmine Olivero
ID: 41835121
Heyy I am having the same problem and I've read a few suggestions from forums to try to play first with free vector maps, for example  http://vectormap.info/free-maps-for-all-designers-and-mappers/. So how did you resolve it? Need more suggestions here

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