Display image from linksys video camera on Mac

I want to display images from two Linksys wireless video cameras on my Mac Pro and iMac both of which are attached by Lan to my linksys wireless G router and run OS X.  Also attached by Lan to the Linksys wireless G router is my XP box.  I installed the Linksys viewer software for the video cameras on my XP box and they work fine on the XP.  I cannot, however, install the Linksys viewer software on my Mac's.  I have spent over 20 hours talking to Linksys technicians with no success.  I tried subscribing to the Linksys SoloLink service so that I could view the cameras on the web - no luck as Linksys wants me to set my Hughes modem (I have Hughes Satilite service as I am in a remote place) to "Bridge Mode" which Hughes says I should not do.  I am not a programmer any more so I don't know code but I am fairly proficient in computer and software use.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Can you confirm the Model Number of Linksys Wireless Cam? Is it the WVC54GC??

Does the Camera not have a web-interface which you can access from the Macs.. It would appear that it should have?
Somewhere in the camera settings from the Windows Application you should be able to see the IP Address and Port number for each camera
On OSX just open Safari and enter the IPaddress and Port number (if the port number is 80 you can leave it out)

There is NO reference on the Linksys website for OSX compatibility or software for the WVC54GC camera so you may have to use the web interface only.

The SoloLink service in effect allows the camera to broadcast its images over a set Port number from inside your network.  You would not necessarily need to enable Bridge Mode but would need to create a NAT path from your wireless camera to the outside world via settings on your router (too much to go into here)

jwlaubAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your recommendation.  Yes the cam is WVC54GC.  I did enter the port number into Safari as you recommended and the Cam window came up but not with any image.  I tried to double click what appears to be an icon for the image that was in the window but nothing happened.  I looked at all of the setup options but could not find anything that brought the image up.  Could you refer me to someplace where I coule find out how to create a NAT path as you recommend?

Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Look up the model of your Hughes Router Modem and download the manual from the manufacturer's website.

You are looking for the section covering NAT or Pinholes or port forwarding.

Most Routers support NAT or some form of translation whereby you can specify the IP address and port of an internal device on your network .. in this case the camera on port 80 and you can open a specific port on your router (eg. 88) so that when you are away from home you can type your external IP and that port to gain direct access to the camera. If your IP address on the internet is not fixed you can use a service like www.DynDns.org to keep updating your changing IP.

What this means is that you could have an address like mywebcam.dyndns.org:88 would connect remotely to your camera on your network at home.

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