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WSUS is not Showing Computer On The network

we have 2 domains working in replication, NY location and FL location
in NY location we installed WSUS and its working fine for NY workstations
in Fl we installed WSUS as well but no local workstation from FL location are showing up in FL WSUS
in AD we have tow diferents OU, one for NY users one for FL users, i`ve changed the gpo for
FL user ou to point the local WSUS wich installed on FL DC
when im open FL WSUS i can NY Workstation But not FL workstation.both of the WSUS are pushing update from microsoft site and no WSUS groups were defined, is there something i need to change in the replication?? why FL WSUS is recognise NY workstation instead FL workstation??
both of the WSUS`s are configure with port 80, maybe this is my problem?
all im trying to acomplish is that FL WSUS will provide updates only to FL local USERS and NY WSUS will handle all USers from NY
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this is the 6th question i`ve asked during the last month without getting any responed
I would use Group Policy Management Console to see if the settings you are making are being applied to the machines correctly. Depending on how you have configured group policy it may not be picking them up correctly. Machine/location based group policy settings can be tricky to get right.

Looking at your profile I see three open questions, not six and the rest have been put in to the PAQ, which would indicate that someone has answered.
You have also awarded a lot of C grades - that doesn't go down well with experts and there are many who will ignore questions from someone perceived as a serial C grader.

You may also be asking questions where there is no answer. Unfortunately there have been a serious of people asking questions where the answer is "it cannot be done" and being awarded C grades (which is undeserved) - therefore many experts are now ignoring questions where the answer is simply that it cannot be done.

canot be done is still an answer
what is C grades ?? if i did mistake by asked a question in the wrong way/rules someone should tell me
if there is any rules thats makes you the experts not to answer question then i will search for diferent site
regarding my corent problem, its to complicate, i need an expert to help me
Have you read the help pages?
Specifically the grading guidelines:

There are no rules, but experts like to feel appreciated.
If you were asked to assist with a problem, suggested something, then were told thanks but that is a poor answer and given a poor grade, would you help that person again? If someone is seen as being a serial C grader then they will be ignored as it is perceived that the asker doesn't appreciate the answers being given.

Your expectations may also need adjusting.
It is very unusual for someone to post a complete answer, unless it is a common question that is frequently asked.
This particular question is not a straight forward answer, so you have to assist - which includes doing some work yourself.

Also - by asking for an "expert" to help you because the question is complicated isn't really a good way to start... have you looked at my profile? I am the lead expert on the site as a whole, currently ranked seventh in this zone overall and fourth for the year.
I think I qualify as an "expert".

i heve never posted a question without accept the solution by thanks!! if i missed then maybe it was
i forgot!!! if you look at my whole question u`ll see that im so appreciated the help i`ve been giving
this is not true what you are saying SIMON
please review my all open/close question, u`ll see many times i have giving points without solution
u`ll see many times experts provide me links at there first responed without even ask me for know
more details about the problem
i must resolved my problem with WSUS ASAP, i thought this site will help me first and then remark my ways...
There is a lot of answering going on at the moment, where experts come along and post a link that resembles the question. It has various names, shotgun answers is one of them. You are under no obligation to accept any answers - if you don't think a response has answered your question then simply post in the support zone (link in the top right) with a link to the question and ask for the question to be deleted and the points refunded. Just because someone has responded doesn't mean they are correct.

For example, on your question above, my first response is to use group policy management console to confirm whether the settings you are making are being applied correctly. You have two issues here - group policy and WSUS. If the group policy is not set correctly then the machine will not get the settings in order to connect to the WSUS. Once you have confirmed using GPMC and its tools that the policy is working, then you can look at seeing if there is a problem connecting to the WSUS Server.
My response is not an answer by any means, but as I put in an earlier response you have to work with the experts who are posting - not expect a single answer to be dropped in front of you.

Remember that experts are not sat in front of your machine - something you may consider is obvious is not - we work on exactly what you have written.
I have questions where there are dozens of responses, but the asker failed to mention something specific until specifically asked later on, only to confirm/deny that question and the response was simple.
You may have a simple issue with the way that your group policy settings are being applied to the machine. It may be a connectivity issue. At the moment, based on what you have said, it is impossible to confirm either way.

i have configures GPO exaclly as it was configured to our NY location(wich on this location everything is working great) one thing i have change in the new GPO for FL new location users, i define
them to push update from FL WSUS instead NY
now as i wrote, this is domain replication environment, what happend when i installed WSUS for FL
domain is, the WSUS automaticly took all the NY server settings as a mirror, i have red several microsoft articles about WSUS no article refered to how to install WSUS in 1 domain replication
i belive my problem  is in GPO or either in IIS, REG IIS, i have notise that NY WSUS is listening to port 80
so im not sure i can use the same port to FL WSUS, concider we are working on MPLS secure vpn
so i dont know where to srart SIMON, if you wish i can post you NY GPO Settings And FL GPO Settings
then maybe u`ll have clearly pictues
Run the Client Diag tool for WSUS:

Compare the results to those on clients currently working correctly.

Also here you can test if the clients are pointing to the right WSUS server.
WSUS Client Diagnostics Tool

Checking Machine State
        Checking for admin rights to run tool . . . . . . . . . PASS
        Automatic Updates Service is running. . . . . . . . . . PASS
        Background Intelligent Transfer Service is running. . . PASS
        Wuaueng.dll version . . . . . . . . . . . . PASS
                This version is WSUS 2.0

Checking AU Settings
        AU Option is 3 : Notify Prior to Install. . . . . . . . PASS
                Option is from Policy settings

Checking Proxy Configuration
        Checking for winhttp local machine Proxy settings . . . PASS
                Winhttp local machine access type
                        <Direct Connection>
                Winhttp local machine Proxy. . . . . . . . . .  NONE
                Winhttp local machine ProxyBypass. . . . . . .  NONE
        Checking User IE Proxy settings . . . . . . . . . . . . PASS
                User IE Proxy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  NONE
                User IE ProxyByPass. . . . . . . . . . . . . .  NONE
                User IE AutoConfig URL Proxy . . . . . . . . .  NONE
                User IE AutoDetect
                AutoDetect not in use

Checking Connection to WSUS/SUS Server
                WUServer = http://wfl-pdc
                WUStatusServer = http://wfl-pdc
        UseWuServer is enabled. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PASS
        Connection to server. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PASS
        SelfUpdate folder is present. . . . . . . . . . . . . . PASS

Press Enter to Complete
Having both WSUS servers listening on port 80 makes no difference here.

Having read your description can you confirm the problem:

You have two WSUS servers.

WSUS NY works and NY clients connect to it.
WSUS FL was set up in replica mode
I am assuming you have deployed your replica as per the deployment guide from MS:

Can you set any clients to update from FL? Your description hints you can get NY clients to update from it.
Can you get the FL WSUS server to appear in its own list? Use local policy if you have to to point it to itself for updates.

Have you set the FL WSUS server to assign computers to groups via GPO?
You can specify how to assign computers to groups. If you use Windows Server Update Services to assign them, new computers will be automatically placed in the Unassigned Computers group.
Use the Move computers task in Windows Server Update Services
Use Group Policy or registry settings on computers

Can the FL WSUS server sync with the NY server?

Ny WSUS was not installed by me, there for, NY WSUS was configured by GPO and all NY computers are showing in NY WSUS.
FL WSUS were installed by me, i wanted to installed it as separate WSUS and i wnated FL WSUS will
updated only FL users, NY DC and FL DC are replicated DC`s, we have 1 domain 2 sites(NY,FL)
in AD we have severals OU`s,we have OU for NY users and OU for FL users, in NY OU GPO the WSUS
is Point to itslef, i created separate gpo for FL OU and i defined users to point FL WSUS
NY WSUS is not showing any clients from FL domain and FL WSUS is showing all NY clients but not even 1 computer from its own domain
i also created a group inFL WSUS(FL Computers) and i point the FL gpo to point this group
i dont know if i setup FL WSUS in replicate node or not, there was no option in the installation reg replication, i installed FL WSUS all by defualt installation.
i still canot understand what is the diferent between "Use the Move computers task in Windows Server Update Services
Use Group Policy or registry settings on computers"
buy for NY and For FL we are using  "Move computers task in Windows Server Update Services" option
when you said "use local gpo" what did you mean? i used gpo on a specific OU in AD
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when i changed the settings to "use group policy or registry settings...." im getting this error
msg in FL WSUS
"This server is configured for computer-based targeting. Some changes to computers and groups cannot be made"
yes, i can browse the server by typing http://wfl-pdc/wsusadmin
how can i upload screenshots here?
Try here:

Then post the direct link when the images are uploaded.
any easyei site to upload pic???
to complicate....
Try here:

The paste the link under "Show your image to your friends"
Post the result of the server diagnostic and the update log from a client (it will be big so only a page or so from the end will be needed).
im sorry my friend, i upload the images but option to post or to get link
ill figure out something....
hi JimboEfx, its working now...we have another OU for each DC, and no GPO was defined on this
OU, so i`ve changes the settings for this OU and everything working great
thanks a lot man for your help