OWA address change to domain name and MX Record/DNS query

Hi Guys

I have a SBS domain called XX.aa.local. I recieve my e-mail via the pop 3 connector but would like to switch.

I also have 2 domains names  aa.com and aa.co.uk.

aa.co.uk i host my website on. Currently  aa.com i use for my email for eg: smith@aa.com

I want external people to be able firstly to connect to OWA via this address  https://aa.com/exchange or webmail
how do i go about doing this.??  create DNS records?? on our server

Secondly the website aa.co.uk is hosted by someone different to aa.com (in both instances not ISP Provider) and i would like to recieve mail via smtp for both. Do i get the ISP provider to point the MX Records or the guys hosting the domain/s or alter my dns records.

I should need guidance on creating DNS records as i am not confident in this area.
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't suggest hosting anything on the root of the domain. It should always be a host - mail.domain.com for example.
As you will have to create a host for MX records I would suggest using the same host for that. What you use as a host is up to you - I have used mail, post, gateway, extranet, owa, inbound, smtp etc - it can be anything you like in front of the domain.

Therefore you will need to create the host first in the DNS for whichever domain you want to use.
Then change the MX records to point to that host.
Ensure that you have port 25 open on the firewall to allow SMTP traffic to come in.

I have more on DNS configuration on my web site: http://www.amset.info/exchange/dnsconfig.asp

Leave the POP3 connector doing its thing for at least 48 hours while the DNS change propagates.

rmfbAuthor Commented:
Hi Sembee

I accept that as the answer.
Just one query. I will have mail coming in from aa.com  how do i configure Exchange  to recieve mail for aa.co.uk at the same time. Any more good reading tutorials like the one you pointed me to
Just add the second domain to recipient policy and duplicate the MX records.

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