IBM x342 Fails to WOL

Hi all!,

I dont have a clue why my IBM x342 (8669-1RX), won't remotely boot (WOL), from any machine on my network. I can WOL my desktop pc from the server, but not the other way round. Is there a hidden setting in the BIOS / IBM software to enable it to remotely boot?


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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you read:

On thing this says that if you are running a non-ACPI OS you need to enable Wake On LAN for legacy OS's.

You may also want to go here to find more documentation.
I don't have access to a x342, but there is a BIOS setting someplace that disables/enables this function.  I know we generally disable this function on our servers.
tleighton999Author Commented:
Hmm, i think i have turned it on, so i'm really not sure. I will have to ask one of the computer companies round my area about it as they supplied the server.

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tleighton999Author Commented:
I had to enable in windows "Allow this device to bring the computer out of sleep mode".

Ah, sleep mode is a bit different from being shutdown and I did not even think about the computer going into sleep mode.    Thanks for the points and glade to see you have the problem resloved.
tleighton999Author Commented:
Yes, i was a bit puzzled, but it will wake from shutdown (AC power removed) now i have enabled that. Perhaps the previous owner of the machine turned it off somehow.
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