installed Oracle 10g and dont know the default login

I am very new to oracle and just installed 10g , I dont remember being asked to create a user id but id do recall settng a password , what would be the default user id to log into the database?
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paquicubaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Enterprise manager administrator:

If you set up a password then that was for the three accounts above
Don't use the administrator's accounts for testing or learning, start learning how to create users instead, so you can set up new schemas in the users tablespace for any purpose.

Also, there are a few sample accounts that may have been set up by default and that may help you in learning Oracle such as SCOTT, HR, OE, etc. --Learn how to unlock them, since a lot trainings systems (inclusing Oracle University) out there use them for teaching...

good luck!
FayyazConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Connect to sys user and create your own user to test everything.
 here are steps to login to sys user
launch SQL* plus from server
SQL > connect sys as sysdba
password :                 <-- leave blank and enter
create user test identified by test;
grant dba to test;

now in the same SQL window, type below connect command
SQL> connect test/test
Now you are in you are connected to your own user with DBA peivileges. start your work here.
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schwertnerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you install Oracle 10g you were asked about the
SYS and SYSTEM password. You have to write them down and keep.
If you have forgotten the passwords then logon on box as the OS user who has installed Oracle.
Now try to logon without password:
 % sqlplus /nolog
SQL> connect  / as sysdba

Now you can reestablish the password (it exists, but you do not know it):

SQL>alter user sys identified by manager

So the password will be 'manager' or what you choose.

brikeyesAuthor Commented:
ok i am an idiot when it comes to oracle ...can you give me a link to a site for oracle for dummies or something ?
brikeyesAuthor Commented:
i have connected to the web based enetrprise manager database control page and i cab go no further , i am at the database login and i am gettting "database error Io exception unknown host specified

i am attempting to login with sys

connect string orcl
connect as sysdba
brikeyesAuthor Commented:
ok , i have found the sql*plus  section i am at the logon screen i have a user name field and password field

and a host string what would that be
If you have completed above steps told by schwertner then username = sys and password=manager.
for host string, you have to check the entry of your database SID in tnsnames.ora file. the entry looks like below
ora10g =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP) (Host = mrs-dv-00014) (Port = 1560))

In this case, your host string will be "ora10g"  without double quotes
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