Global Variable not incrementing.

For some reason a global variable is not incrementing.  I've recently moved over to C# and I'm still getting used to the syntax so I suspect this may have something to do with the problem.  why won't the variable increment.  I've debugged through it and I've watched the cursor hit ++Global.ProcessCnt; but it won't increment.

private void BtnReverse_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

Global.ProcessCnt = 1;
Global.NotProcessCnt = 0;

//calls function()
//inside function transactions take place and then the ProcessCnt variable is incremented for each successful transaction

class for global variables

public class Global
        public static int ProcessCnt;
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you reset it to 1 eveytime you call the fuction.

Global.ProcessCnt = 1;



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I don't think that is inside the function call. Though it is hard to tell since no brackets were included. Would it be possible to list more of your code? I am specifically looking for the scope of the variables so brackets are a must. Greg could very well be correct, but a better listing would help me be sure.
Steve7423Author Commented:
Greg, the Global.ProcessCnt = 1; is called only once because it's inside the button click.  this initializes the variable.  then the function is called and the incrementing is done inside the SAfunctions.Transfer_Invoice() function.  BtnReverse has a foreach loop that loops thorugh a set of records.  each loop calles the function where the variable is incremented.

private void BtnReverse_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
     a bunch of other stuff
     foreach (DataRow Invrow in OmnisFunctions.DSView_Invoices(startTm, endTm)
           this.LblProcCnt.Text = Global.ProcessCnt.ToString();

//Inside the SAfunctions.Transfer_Invoice()
//a bunch of transactions take place and upon successful committ increment the variable

the way it should work is that the variable is initialized to 0, (I set it to 1 just to see if it made a difference)
in the btn event.  then each time the SAfunctions.Transfer_Invoice() is called the variable should be incremented after each commit.  Then upon completion of the for each loop the variable is displayed in a lable to show the count of successful transactions.  If there are 75 successful transactions in the foreach loop then 75 should be displayed,  this.LblProcCnt.Text = Global.ProcessCnt.ToString();
 I hope that helps.
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Steve, Can you try Global.ProcessCnt += 1; Also, if you do a managed debug and step through the process, does ProcessCnt ever get incremented at all? It is possible that something is undoing the increment, or that line of code is never being executed.
Steve7423Author Commented:
I stepped through and watched the line get executed and as you said it does not get incremented, it's like the incrementing is not working.

where should I place the Global.ProcessCnt += 1 ?
Instead of using ++Global.ProcessCnt, use Global.ProcessCnt += 1.  
Steve7423Author Commented:
interesting, I created a local variable called cnt.  right below  this.LblProcCnt.Text = Global.ProcessCnt.ToString() I placed cnt += 1. I debugged a couple loops and sure enough it's incrementing.  So what is wrong with the global variable?  a local variable will increment but not a global variable.  Obviousely there's something wrong with how I've created the global variable???
Steve7423Author Commented:
hmmm, ok I'm officially stumped.  the variable will not increment past 1.  
Steve7423Author Commented:
ooooooopppss..........  one of those cerebral farts.
it appears I initialized Global.Processcnt = 0 at the top of  SAfunctions.Transfer_Invoice() and completely forgot.  At the top of every function I declare and set variables or objects.  I must have been stoned...:) grin.

it now works.
Steve7423Author Commented:
I'm going to split the points because in the end you both helped.  if you have issue with it please let me know.
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