Exchange 2003 Services not starting after reboot

I have a common problem that lies with three servers that we support. The servers are all SBS 2003 Standard running SP1 for Server 2003 and SP2 for exchange. All the latest updates applied. They all run Syamntec AV 10.0 plus Groupware plus have Symantec Premium Spam Addon (Brightmail). The issue is when i restart the servers or the reboot due to updates there is a number of exchange services that do not start.

These are;

Microsoft Search Service Error 7000
"The Microsoft Search service failed to start due to the following error:
The executable program that this service is configured to run in does not implement the service. "

Microsoft Exchange Information Store Error 7001
"The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service depends on the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant service which failed to start because of the following error:
The operation completed successfully. "

Microsoft Connector for POP3 mailboxes Error 7001

The errors are in this order time wise and I know that the pop3 connector is not starting becuse it is dependent on the info store before it can start. Once the system is up I can manually start these services and it is all away fine. Just not starting automatically.

As stated earlier this happens on three identically set up servers running in three business that we support the common factor is the Syamntecv AV I have searched around and can not find anything. I think it may have come about after installing SP2 for exchange but it is hard to tell.

One system is having an additional problem where the above services where crashing every 10 mins which turned out to be a problem with an XML file relating to the brightmail application (bmiconfig.xml) the fix for this was to remove some lines out of this config file which has solved the reoccuring problem but it has not solved the issue on reboot.

If I set the recovery option to restart these services it works but I don't fee this is an appropriate fix..

Any help would be appreicated
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Prove it is the symantec software by uninstalling it, and then scream at symantec until they stop distributing rubbish, or at least give you a fix :)

On that note - you have tried installing the latest versions / fixes from symantec, right?

This is precisely why I do not use their software anymore.


missmuppetAuthor Commented:
I have just worked out addtionally this is only effecting customers with Symantec AV 10.0 not the newer 10.1 and also if they have groupware (exchange mail security addon). definately got something to do with syamnatec
missmuppetAuthor Commented:
do fixes pataches for there applications come down with live update or is it a manual process
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>>definately got something to do with syamnatec

I don't like bashing a company in general, it is something that just never sat right with me (like people bashing MS for the sake of them being MS, or people bashing symantec from the old norton days).  I think I actually defended them against Sembee in a few threads here in my earlier days.

Slowly but surely, I have seen what he was talking about.  There is a reason that I hate symantec, and all the software they produce.  Hate is a pretty harsh word, but dead accurate.  I move away from everything they touch and uninstall it as I would any other virus, which is pretty much what they are as a company - they acquire a new company, such as veritas, and then infect it with everything symantec - that damned live update, shoddy programming, and the weirdest errors imaginable.

But enough of me and my little soap box - upgrade it to the latest if you must, especially considering newer sites seems to be unaffected.

I expect it is a manual process
missmuppetAuthor Commented:
I aggree about symantec I now utilise a different AV application when selling SBS, however I know upgrading probably would work but there must be a reason this is happening and initially I was keen to see if I could srt it out upgrade to 10.1 may be deemed to exspensive at this point...
Do you need to pay for that upgrade?

Oh, I wasn't aware of that.  Have a look around for a patch and I will do the same - alternatively, call Symantec and ask for the patch or a free upgrade.

missmuppetAuthor Commented:
I have changed the startup depnedencys for SMSMSE 4.6 to wait for exchange SA and IS to start before it starts changed in regedit and this seems to have resolved for now.

Although it hink they must have done something to break it in the first place...
What it could simply be is that SMSMSE has just added a delay to IS starting, and quits early.

I was going to recommend you change the startup options (which fixes this same issue with the POP3 server) but was not expecting it would apply.

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