Exchange 2003 sending to AOL on port 587

We've had a reply  back from AOL saying that they no longer accept email messages on port 25.
We need to find a way of sending mail from our Exchange 2003 server to port 587 on AOL's server, but continue to send mail on port 25 for all other domains.

Any Idea's!?
Dave RobinsonAsked:
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Dave RobinsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I had already looked at that one!
It does not let you change the port for just email messages, only the entire exchange server which I certainly do not want to do :)
Michael SCommented:
From what I gather they are blocking outbound smtp traffic on port 25.  Have you tested sending mail to them?  I would think they have some sort of port translation that will redirect incoming, since it's a bit difficult to tell the world to use a different mail port other than the standard.

Try setting up an SMTP connector and user your ISP as the mail host for aol addresses only.  This way if there are any strict AOL filters you won't have as many issues.
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Dave RobinsonAuthor Commented:
We cannot send emails to our trustees who have AOL accounts. Is our domain name blocked for some reason or can you fix it that our emails are not blocked? Many thanks
With reference to your recent e mail to AOL, we would like to keep you informed that Since,AOL plays an active role in the fight against spam it has now started blocking port 25 that is used by third party Email Clients. These changes will help AOL continue being a leader in preventing spam, both in to and originating from our service. We also hope this will prompt other email providers to follow AOL's lead and help make these changes an industry standard.

Also,If you are currently using a third party email client such as Outlook, you can check your setup to see if this will affect you. If your SMTP server settings are set up to use port 25, we recommend changing them to use port 587. This is the default port for authenticated email. You may need to contact your email provider for information on connecting to their email server via port 587

Sounds to me like they're blocking both Internal and External mail on port 25. The ISP this company are currently with will not allow them to relay their mail through their servers and so the only solution looks to be sending mail on port 587 directly from their own server.
Michael SCommented:
Then I would setup an SMTP connector for AOL email, then create another SMTP virtual server and change the port to 587.  Then point the SMTP connector to use that VS.
I'm sure that they are only blocking port 25 for their customers' own connections:
If they blocked incoming port 25 they would surely miss a lot of incoming mail.
Dave RobinsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jay, I cannot create a second SMTP Virtual server for the same NIC - Exchange doesn't want to let me.
Lee, could you perhaps help diagnose why emails from cannot be sent to addresses at ?
I would try a telnet test first of all.  nslookup provides the names of the mailservers in use by aol, so to try the first in the list, do this from a command prompt (use the correct aol email address instead of the one I am going to use in the example).

telnet 25
helo yourserversfulldnsname
mail from: your@email.address
rcpt to:
hello there

See how far you get with this.  Actually, the biggest problem with getting mail into AOL is when you don't have Reverse DNS records for your domain.  You should check this first.
Very possibly you do not have a valid Reverse DNS record.
AOL is on the top of the list for rejecting emails if there is not a valid Reverse DNS record.

Contact your ISP and have them create one for you.
See this link from a fellow UK countryman called Sembee:

Also make sure your server announces itself properly. See the above link.

Hope this helps.

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Dave RobinsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Lee & Exchange Admin. Setting up my server to announce itself properly / check the reverse DNS settings fixed the problem here - silly me!

Points awarded to Lee for suggesting the cause (reverse dns) and Exchange Admin for showing how!

Thanks also go to Sembee for creating the great web page that assisted you.
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