Cannot mount Exchange DB on 2k3svs

Exchange db on 2003 sbs seems to be corrupt.  DB was on c: partion that ran out of space during a pst import.  Database was moved to d: partion which has plenty of space.  Able to start Exchange services and run eseutil but cannot mount DB.  error ID cd1041724

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you moved the database to the D drive.
was that done via ESM or just cut and paste of DB files?
Sounds like the database is corupt.  Make sure you are pointing to the correct log path still is my only recommendation.  Then i say move to DR mode.

1.  Create a blank database (dial tone) to allow everyone to send/receive e-mails.
2.  Restore a copy of the database.
3.  Rename the current database tot eh restored database.
4.  Exmerge the new data into the restored data.

hindsightAuthor Commented:
made the mistake of cut and paste
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there is the problem.
exchange is not aware of the new location of the databases so the stores are not mounting.
there are two ways now.
move the databases back to the original location
mount the stores
use ESM to move the databases to the D drive

another way would be


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hindsightAuthor Commented:
the solution from petri
hindsightAuthor Commented:
the solution from petri does not help.  
the solution from petri will be helpfull once the databases are back to their original location
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