MS Office 2007 - Word will not start

Today one our user's Word 2007 decided to start crashing. Specifically when starting a new Word Document the error "The program associated with the selected template cannot be started, or the program cannot use the selected template" pops up. When opening an existing word document the program just never opens it and hangs up.

I have already searched and found a couple so called solutions that did not work:
1. Look for other folders named Program under C:\(from MS Knowledgebase)
2. Repair from Add/Remove Programs
3. Uninstall and Reinstall office ( I have done this 3 times!!! The last time i installed to a different folder.)
4. Microsoft Office Diagnostics

Does anyone know the fix? It is only WORD that isn't working anymore all the other office apps work fine.

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it sounds like the is corrupt
Here's how to fix a corrupt


With Word closed find and rename the file on your system. If there is more than one, rename them all. If you cannot find, or if you are on a network, you can find where your is stored by checking under "User Templates" in the Tools-Options menu of Word, on the File Locations tab. If you do not have "permission" to rename, check with your network administrator or internal helpdesk (applies only on PCs at work, not home users).

After you have renamed, open Word. If the problem is not resolved, let us know. is the default or global template that Word uses to create a blank document. is always in use when Word is open, even if you are using another template. It is very common for files to become corrupt.

When you launch Word, it looks for and opens it.

If Word cannot locate a file, it creates a brand new one. When you first install Word, is not installed with it. Uninstalling does not delete This is why reinstalling Office or Word does not fix a problem with a corrupt or virus-infected file. Your newly installed program finds right where it was before.

You may have settings in your that you would like to keep. That is why, instead of deleting, it is recommended that you rename it to or Then, you can use the Organizer to copy such things as macros and toolbars from the old template to the new one.
rw3adminAuthor Commented:
Ok, I removed the all the files including normal.dotm. I'm assuming office 2007 creates the Normal.dotm files instead of .dot because that is what is there after I tried to start Word again.

But.. still when I open word and click blank document I get the same error. If I go to the shortcut menu and open word it will eventually open after a very long pause. If I doubleclick a file there is a very long pause then word just comes u blank( everything grayed out). Also, when ever I try to close it it hangs up.

I logged in on the same PC as Administrator and word works just fine! So its definately related to the profile. Any other suggestions?
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As Administrator - delete normal.dotm (nice catch btw, yes, dotm is office 2007).  Reboot.  Log back in as administrator.  Open Word, make sure everything looks like it comes up ok.  Look at the Normal.dotm file and check permissions.  Give "Everyone" full permission to the file.
Log out, then log back in as the user.  Try it then.

If still problems, log back in as administrator and give full permissions to the entire Office folder.
rw3adminAuthor Commented:
Ok tried those and no luck.

The normal.dotm the administrator account creates is in the administrator profile directory. So the user's profile isn't using that one when it launches Word. I tried copying the one from the admin profile directory to the user's and giving permissions to everyone, but no luck. I'm thinking this user's profile could be corrupt, they had another problem today where they couldn't print from the web and IE would competely lockup.

The user's account should create a new normal.dotm, even as a user.  Give this a try if possible:  give user administrative permissions and see if that helps create the normal.dotm.  If it does work, then remove admin permissions and see if they're still able to access it.
Otherwise, delete and recreate their profile.

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rw3adminAuthor Commented:
Yeh her's does create a new one, but then still gets the error. The user is also an admin already on the local machine. Think its time to try the delete and recreate or reinstall.
One off-the-wall possibility, may be worth a try.  Download and install CCleaner (  Run it's cleanup utility from within the user's account.  The run it's registry cleaner.  Reboot and see if that helps any.  Doubtful, but give it a try.
rw3adminAuthor Commented:
Delete and recreate worked. Thanks for the help michko
No problem, glad to have helped.  Luck with your music.
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