How do I access the Recovery Partition on a Dell XPS M140?

I have a computer that is a mess.  I can't access the System Restore and all sorts of other problems.  I think my best bet is to try and do a Windows System Repair.  I don't have any disks and I can't seem to find where the system recovery partition is.  Help!
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mcsweenSr. Network AdministratorCommented:
When you first power the system on during the post (dell logo is displayed) tap F12 untill you see a boot menu appear.  You should have an option for utility partition or diagnostics partition in the list.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you have to press Ctrl+F11 at the Dell logo.

tbrosigAuthor Commented:
To answer both questions. . .1-I have the diagnostic partition and ran the diagnostic and all came out fine.  When I closed it, it just booted up Windows with the same problems we've had.   2-Ctrl-F11 didn't do anything except beep and Windows booted up.  

Any chance there is not a Recovery Partition?  I am going to track down the disks that came with it to see what's in that stack.
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Maybe you can access the disk manager to see if you have a restore partition : right click on "my computer", then choose "manage".

There you should have the "disk manager" (or something like that) and you'll be able to see all your disks and partitions.

It wasn't easy to properly hit Ctrl+F11 the first time I did it, so maybe you could try again by pressing Ctrl, then F11 and then release them both at the same time.

Hope it helps...

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mcsweenSr. Network AdministratorCommented:
I apologize...I misunderstood your question.  I thought you were trying to access the diags and not a recovery partition.  Dell does not include a recovery partition, rather they give you the Windows XP disk to re-install if needed.  AFAIK all that's on dell paritions are utilities and diags.  If you go to and click on downloads you should be able to download the recovery disk for your computer in ISO format.
tbrosigAuthor Commented:
You were right, it took me 3 times to get the CTRL-F11 combo at the right time during the startup.  Thanks!
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