Windows XP SP2 Computer Browsing Service Randomly Stops Causing Network Issues

I have a 2 Windows 2003 servers and a few XP workstations that are running on a domain.  The Computer Browser service on the workstations and server service on the servers have been randomly stopping.  This causes the workstations problems contacting the servers.  The services can be started up by hand and browsing works again.  Firewalls are disabled, and antivirus is up to date.  We cant seem to figure out why the services are randomly stopping.  Thanks for the help
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This is a bug in XP SP2 and the browser service will stop unless the Firewall service is running. There is a fix I read at the following site and this might help. Good Luck.
Timothy KashinInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
I have applied this fix and it did resolve the issue that you are referring to.  The article can be found at:;en-us;889320

Hope that helps...
MohonkAuthor Commented:
Sorry for some misinformation but some of these workstations are running XP SP1.
MohonkAuthor Commented:
abandoned question...please refund points and close.
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