PHP Function to Output Variable Information to Browser or File

I want to write a PHP function that outputs variable information to the browser or a string.

The function must handle single variables and arrays.  Currently, I use the following:

echo "\$variable is:<br>";
echo "<br>";

I want a function that you can pass the variable to it, and it will do the same.

For example, if $a=23, $b="A string", $c=array(2,3,4), then the function must be able to handle all of these.



if $return is TRUE, the output is returned as a string.  Otherwise, it must output to the browser.  The string can then be outputted to a debug file if needed.


Calvin ClosePresidentAsked:
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Pretty simple

function OutputVar($var,$return=FALSE)
      if (is_array($var)) {
            $out = "\$variable is:<br>".print_r($var,true)."<br>";
      else {
            $out = "\$variable is:<br>".$var."<br>";

      if ($return)
            return $out;
            echo $out;

must do the work you need
This might be what you're looking for:

function OutputVar($var,$return)
      if (is_array($var)) {
            $output = "";
            foreach ($var as $value)
                  $output .= $value . ", ";
            $output = substr($output,0,strlen($output)-2);
      } else {
            $output = $var;
      if ($return == TRUE)
            return $output;
      else echo $output . "<br>";

Here is some test code:

//begin test - function OutputVar must be defined before this code

$a = 1;
$b = array(1,2,3);
$value = OutputVar($a,TRUE);
echo "Variable = " . $value . "<br>";
$value = OutputVar($b,TRUE);
echo "Array = " . $value . "<br>";


Which produces the following:

Variable = 1
Array = 1, 2, 3
1, 2, 3
Ahhh... micacca's print_r will work better if you have nested arrays.
Calvin ClosePresidentAuthor Commented:
Actually, the above solutions didn't quite answer my question.

if $a = 1, then calling the function OutputVar($a) would output:

$a is:

I want the variable name shown, not some general thing like $variable.  micacca's solution works except for this point.

Calling OutputVar that way ist not possible as the called function does not know what the name of the variable is where the function was called. You will need to call the function like:
OutputVar('a', $a);
echo OutputVar('b', $b, false);

function OutputVar($varname, $varvalue, $print = true) {
  if (!$print) {
   return '$' . "$varname is:".print_r($varvalue, true);
  echo  '$' . "$varname is:";

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