Where does Outlook 2003 store the cache

When you start to type a name into the "TO" field in Outlook 2003, it will automatically give you a list of addresses that it has cached that may be the one you are looking for.   Can anyone tell me where Outlook stores the cache?
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What do you want to do with autofill fill cache file?  michko has shown you how to find the NK2 file. If you want to edit it, you need a third party program

Move and Edit NK2 File
http://www.epute.com/nk2csv/  <-- free
http://www.ingressor.com/ingressor_products.htm  <-- paid
doulos777Author Commented:
Is this true when outlook is connected to an exchange server and has no .PST file?
doulos777Author Commented:
Never mind, I found it using the  epute.com software.

Thanks for the help
Yes, the autofill cache is based on Outlook, not PST nor Exchange.
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